P2 – Ultra-High Gain Light-Resistant Projection Materials – Screen 80 inch

$ 140.00



Scope of Application
Recommended projector: Regular throw
Recommended brightness: (ANSI-Lumens)500-1000

Optical Properties
90° Brightness gain*: 2.86
170° Brightness gain: 0.75
Effective scattering angle*: 32°
1.0x Luminance gain angle: 45°
Viewing angle: 180°
Contrast ratio*: 1488
Physical resolution: 16k
Color reproduction*: 99.30%
Light resistance: Medium

Physical Properties
Recommended screen size: 60“-100“
Standard substrate thickness: 100 um
Coating thickness: 20 um
Surface scratch resistance index: 4H
Fireproof: Yes
Applicable screen form: Simple screen / Hand screen
Simple screen / Hand screen
Electric screen / Soft screen
Hard screen

* Index means that data provided by the Testing Center of
Quality Supervision for Film Machinery and Film Industry

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